German Handball Women’s World Cup Quarter-Finals: Denmark Defeat and Quarter-Final Preview

2023-12-11 21:56:44

A pity! But NO MATTER!

After five wins in a row, the German handball women lost their first game at the World Cup. In Herning, Denmark, national coach Markus Gaugisch’s team lost 28:30 against hosts and vice-European champions Denmark.

It was already clear beforehand that we were in the quarter-finals. A draw would have been enough for first place. Now, as second in the intermediate round, we face Sweden, who beat Montenegro in time. The game will be played on Wednesday.

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Interesting: Because many of the players know each other, many Danes and Germans hug each other before the game – even during the first attack.

Silent initial phase: SportdeutschlandTV commentator Tobi Schimon forgets to press the microphone button. Nothing can be heard for a minute and 40 seconds at the beginning. Then Schimon and his expert Ina Großmann can be heard. The TV man laughs: “Now we’re here! Shall we repeat what we said again?”

Commenting on the Women’s Handball World Cup on SportdeutschlandTV: Tobias Schimon, who also works for Dyn

Photo: IMAGO/Alexander Trienitz

Expert and ex-national player Großmann is really into it again. After a strong hit to make it 5:5 811.) she cheers: “Awesome!” And also the 7:6 by Annika Lott after a great physical deception: “Great thing! Like leaving a flagpole!” Schimon is also in the best mood for sayings: “What my colleague Maik Thiele would have said now: She sent her to get fries!”

Shock in the 18th minute: Amelie Berger gets an elbow in the face from the Dane Anne Mette Hansen as both of them fight for a ball that bounced off the crossbar. Very painful!

What bad luck: two German seven meters hit the crossbar and post in the first half, one was saved. At the break the DHB team is behind 13:15.

Brief chaos on the field. Suddenly the referee is on the ground

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Those: DYN Media 11.12.2023

After the break, the hosts got off to a better start and made it 20:16 (37th). Nine minutes before the end we are down 23:24. Antje Döll is denied by the Danish goalkeeper – that would have been the equalizer!

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Also interesting


Brief shock for the hosts: Helena Elver Hageso falls and hits the back of her head on the floor. Doctors immediately come onto the field and help her down.

In the 47th minute, Emily Bölk has to go down with a red card for her third time penalty.

National coach Gaugisch changes things up a bit in order to give each player match practice and also to keep the stress low with a view to the quarter-finals.

Conclusion from SportdeutschlandTV expert Ina Großmann: “Wednesday is important! It doesn’t matter if we conserve energy here. Sweden and Montenegro are both equally difficult for us.”

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