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Badruddin Ajmal, leader of All India United Democratic Front (AIDUF) in Assam made a controversial statement that Hindus should marry their children at an early age following the practices of Muslims. The controversial statement was made during Assam Chief Minister Himant Biswa Sharma’s response to the Love Jihad reference regarding Shraddha Walker’s murder.

Muslim men marry at the age of 20–22. Girls are legally married at the age of 18. But at the same time, Hindus have illicit relations with two or three women before marriage. They don’t get married and show interest in having babies and save money by frolicking. Later, at the age of 40, they get married on the insistence of their parents. How can one expect to have children after the age of forty, he asked. He added that good crops can be obtained only if sown in fertile soil. He said that if you follow the path of Muslims and get married early, then you will know how many children you will have.

Himant Biswa Sharma had come forward with allegations of love jihad in connection with Shraddha Walker’s murder. His statement before Shraddha Walker’s murder was that Muslim men were forcing Hindu women to convert by pretending to be in love. He had said that India needs a strong leader like Narendra Modi, otherwise there will be people like Aftab in every city. Aftab Amin Poolawala is the accused in Shraddha Walker’s murder and dismemberment case.

“Hindus Should Follow Muslim Formula”: Assam’s Badruddin Ajmal

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