Hired! ChatGPT passed a job interview for a job at Google

A popular artificial intelligence ChatGPT managed to pass a job interview for an engineering position at Google. The position is classified by the company as being level 3, with an annual salary of US$ 183,000, approximately R$ 950,000.

The OpenAI bot didn’t actually apply for the job, but it answered the job interview questions, which were provided by Google. Big tech evaluated the AI’s responses and concluded that it would be hired for a Tier 3 position.

It is worth noting that the classification for which the AI ​​was tested is considered to be starting in the company’s team, but the salary is quite interesting. O Google experimented with several chatbots that you consider to add to the search engine in the future.

“Surprisingly, ChatGPT is hired at L3 (Level 3) when interviewing for a programming position,” explained Google, in an internal document.

The Google job interview is mainly based on technical questions. Because of this, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence may have done well in the evaluation. But ChatGPT itself seeks to calm those who see their job at risk because of it.

When asked by the PCMag website, AI states that it is only an aid for software engineering professionals and “cannot completely replace creativity, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills”.

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