His love story with Camilla in pictures

King Charles III & Queen Consort Camilla: How They Got Their Happy Endings

In 1995, Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles officially announced their divorce. The following year, the royal family also announces that Charles and Diana are dissolving their marriage. But it will be years before Camilla finally officially accepted by royalty becomes.

In 2005 Charles and Camilla got it after all her happy ending. On April 9th ​​they celebrate their marriage and Camilla is officially crowned Duchess of Cornwall. Explosive: At that time, the royal family still announced that Camilla should bear the title “Princess Consort” when Charles one day becomes king.

But as we know today, that has changed changed in the meantime: On the occasion of her platinum jubilee in February 2022, Queen Elizabeth II personally announced that it was her “sincere wish that when the time comes, Camilla will be referred to as Queen Consort while she goes about her own business.“That’s why Camilla has held that title since Charles was made king and continues to carry out her duties as requested by the Queen.

Meanwhile, Camilla is also used by most Brits accepted as queen – probably because they know how important she is to Charles. “It’s always great to have someone who understands and wants to encourage you. But of course she also makes fun when I get too serious“, said the then heir to the throne in an interview with CNN in 2015 about his wife. The quote shows: Charles and Camilla simply know what they have in each other and are – despite all the turmoil they have had to weather together, absolutely happy together now. A dreamy ending to a royal love story.

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