History must be written!! “Punpun Nakprasert”, the mother of Thailand’s drag queen.

History must be written!! “Punpun Nakprasert”, the mother of Thailand’s drag queen.

The Drag World is booming as RuPaul’s mother RuPaul’s Drag Race, the beloved and role model of LGBTQ people around the world, announces the launch of a new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (17 Jan 2022 at Past) by RuPaul Surprise people around the world. with a hilarious concept which comes with the title ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World’, the first of a drag contest that combines ‘Mother drag queens’ from all over the world come together to find the 1!!! And what’s even more exciting is that Has the name of Thailand’s mother drag queen ‘Pun Pun Nak Prasert’ or known to the world as Pangina Heals, has been invited directly from the show. Let’s join as a contestant…the only one…from Asia!

‘PunPun’ immediately became the dark horse contestant of the show. With a degree as a judge from Drag Race Thailand who has never been a contestant before While representatives from other countries such as England, USA, the Netherlands and Canada are all former contestants in this program, ‘PanPun’ also made history as the first Asian contestant to come from South East Asia. of the list as well

‘Panpan’ revealed his feelings after being contacted that “The day he contacted Pan It’s Pan crying very loudly. because we watch this show I’ve been a fan of this show since season 1. This show is one of the reasons why Pan wants to marry a woman. Then one day, when I became a Drag Race Thailand judge, we thought this was our ultimate dream. I never thought that I would be able to compete. But then one day he called. Pan cried a lot. A friend ran and asked who? (laughs) It was a dream that we didn’t think could happen. because one is that we are the directors Why would he take the referee to compete? But this one is very game-changing. We are dark horses. Some people ask why we lower ourselves. Pun told Pun never to reduce himself. is our life If you can’t compete You shouldn’t be a director. Like if you can’t learn You shouldn’t be a teacher. Therefore, on the day he invited Pan to compete, Pan said he did it!”

Prepare before going to the competition By enrolling in 11 courses at once But Pan is a diligent student. When I knew that I had to go to the race Pan calling 11 types of teachers, attending 11 courses, including new makeup lessons, hairdressing lessons, styling, dress cutting, fashion, history, meditation, acting, singing, modeling, etc. because we know what to prepare for the competition. some We want to caulk everything. As soon as we go to the race like we are fighters We have to fight all kinds. What weapon did he give? We have to use them. We can’t be humiliated. we have to do our best Because we act as representatives of countries, representatives of continents, it is the dream of LGBTQ people who want people around the world to see that our country Or our continent has talented people, culture, fashion, we can do everything like no other nation in the world. And this is the first time that lights from around the world will shine on us. And everyone will see how good Drag Thai is.”

Received support from designers all over Thailand “There are a lot of adults who help me. Mae Ket (Methinee Kingpayom), P’Art (Araya Inthra), who helped build Let Pan be confident in himself. and every piece of clothing that was shared to use in the show All belong to Thai designers. whether Pan is dressed as a man or a woman is a Thai designer that Pan respects and loves every piece, whether it’s P’ Pakd Prapakas, Tube Gallery, P’ Som-O, Miss Universe, Asava, Renim Project, Narong, Panya Boutique, SORAPOL, etc., are all top designers in Thailand. at all Really got support from everyone. especially Art because he is very good at fashion He has a lot of ideas. We try our best. Then Pan was confident that he had come out. There had never been a fashion perspective like this in the contestants before. because we answer the question in a way that flips every round Part of the walk in the show is to share every practice set with Mae Ked Each set is a completely new design, no matter how you walk, walk slowly, next to the ear, hold hands or walk in a shuffle, with P Ked as a personal coach, P.P.P.P.Ping,Pee Ked,the expert team from Miss Universe is very helpful.”

To the fans who are waiting to watch this show “Pan hopes that Thai people will help support Pan. Because this is a dream that is not just Pun’s, but the country and everyone who wants to see Thai people enter the world-class competition. Another thing is that it’s not just Thai people who will follow. Every country that competes will be able to watch. The whole world is watching us. Because the guests and judges on this program are Clara Amfo, Daisy May Cooper, Jade Thirlwall, Jonathan Bailey, Katie Price, Melanie C, Michelle Keegan, etc. They’re all gods.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World premieres February 1, 2022 on the UK’s BBC Three. With world-class celebrities joining the judging panel, such as Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, Spice Girls’ Melanie C, etc., it’s unusual for the judges. and contestants Therefore, the fun, spicy, fierce character of the show will turn out to be great! How shocking is it? Follow and cheer for “Pun Pun”, the only Thai drag queen from Asia. Let’s make history… Grab the crown of Drag Queen of the World!! #RuPaulsDragRaceUK #PanginaHeals #BBC

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