Hollodon’s September issue of “men’s uno Young!” magazine cover collage style is full of fun and freshness

  China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn Today, He Luoluo appeared on the cover of the September issue of “men’s uno Young!”. The cool boy performed colorful shapes, the eyebrows were still publicized, and the spontaneous appearance was vivid and natural. Facing the upcoming school season, He Luoluo remains active as always, chasing his dream of being an actor with a more mature and positive attitude.

The whole group of blockbusters adopts collage style creativity, and He Luoluo also tried a variety of different styles in this shooting. The college-style striped shirt and street skateboard show a youthful spirit; the creative graffiti black suit is eye-catching and childlike, highlighting its tall and straight figure; the orange striped long sweater is matched with a black knitted inner layer, which is gentle, lazy and charming; all black The jacket shape is even more cool, and when you wear sunglasses, you are uninhibited and free. He Luoluo perfectly controls various styles and interprets a casual and lively fashion attitude.

Facing the upcoming campus life, He Luoluo said that he has no more imagination, “I am the kind of person who walks step by step and keeps his feet on the ground. I will try my best to do my best in what is happening now.” It is his constant pursuit, the dream of being an actor since childhood, has also been painted a little better with his efforts.

He Luoluo walked into the Beijing Film Academy with his dream of an actor and opened a new chapter in his life. A dream begins, sparkling, looking forward to more exciting youth.

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