Hong Kong’s Emergency Flood Discharge: 16-Minute Response Time for Shenzhen Residents – News and Updates

2023-09-08 03:23:52

Hong Kong people only had 16 minutes to respond to the emergency flood discharge in Shenzhen-News-Rti Central Radio


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Time: 2023-09-08 11:23 News Citation: , Comprehensive Report Writing Editor: News Editor Hong Kong subway stations were also flooded, and many station halls and platforms were flooded. (Picture: Hong Kong accident report area and discussion area fans)

Hong Kong encountered a black rainstorm warning on the evening of the 7th, causing flooding in many places. The Shenzhen Reservoir began to discharge flood at midnight on the 8th, but the Hong Kong government only notified the citizens 16 minutes before the flood discharge, which violated the agreement that the notification should be 3 hours in advance. The torrential rain was the highest in Hong Kong in 139 years, with an hourly rainfall of 158.1 millimeters from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight on the 7th. The Hong Kong government has confirmed 12 cases of flooding and has mobilized 40 emergency rescue teams to deal with them.

The Shenzhen Flood Control, Drought, and Wind Control Headquarters suddenly issued an emergency notice on the flood discharge of the Shenzhen Reservoir in the early morning of the 8th. Due to continuous rainfall, the water level of the reservoir is close to the flood limit. The Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau stated that the flood discharge volume is about 80 cubic meters per second, which has little impact on the downstream, but still calls on residents in low-lying areas to evacuate.

In Hong Kong, at 9:25 p.m. on the 7th, the Observatory successively issued yellow, red, and black rainstorm warnings. By 3:15 am on the 8th, 14 people had been injured by the flood. Traffic in many places in Hong Kong was blocked, including the suspension of service at some stations of KMB, Long Win, Citybus, tram companies and MTR. Hong Kong Chief Executive Lee Kar-chao called on the public to pay attention to the latest weather news and government information, and to stay in safe places as much as possible.

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Internet sources pointed out that the Shenzhen flood discharge was one of the main reasons for the Hong Kong flood. The screenshot of the webpage shows that the Hong Kong government notified the citizens only 16 minutes before the start of the flood discharge in Shenzhen, making it impossible for the citizens to respond in time. In addition, Shenzhen was also affected by floods. Streets in some areas were flooded, vehicles were soaked, and citizens walked in deep water.

Affected by the residual low-pressure trough of Typhoon Haikui, both Hong Kong and Shenzhen were hit by heavy rain and floods. The governments of the two places are doing their best to rescue and respond. Citizens should pay attention to official information to ensure their own safety.

Shenzhen flood discharge, Luohu road flooded. (Weibo)

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