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hooded and misfit women tried to burn down the Primada Cathedral in Bogotá; the images are alarming

by archyde

The day of demonstrations on the day of legal and safe abortion ended in a serious act of intolerance and violence. A group of vandals tried to set fire to the entrance of the Primada Cathedral in Bogotá, before the impassive gaze of some district officials, known as Coexistence Managers.

In videos that have circulated on social networks, you can see the aggressiveness and hatred with which, amid whistles, the protesters celebrate having been able to ignite a huge flare.

Faced with the serious events, members of Esmad were deployed in the Plaza de Bolívar. The uniformed guarded the church facilities at night, the main entrance of the Congress and also the seventh and eighth streets.

The demonstrations took place in a context that has been totally favorable to the interruption of pregnancy. In February of this year, in a very controversial decision, the Constitutional Court set the time limit for a woman to decide to interrupt the pregnancy at 24 weeks, without it being classified as a crime.

With that error, Colombia became one of the countries in the world that allows a wider range of time for women to decide to undergo this procedure.

Before this decision, abortion in Colombia was only allowed under three grounds: when there is a physical and mental health risk for the woman, due to malformation of the fetus or in cases where the pregnancy is the result of rape.

It is not the first time, moreover, that the Catholic Church and the Primate Cathedral, in particular, have been attacked.

In March of this year, a group of people suddenly entered shouting harangues in the middle of mass. A woman wearing a white hood climbed on a bench to launch statements attacking the beliefs of the Catholic faith, especially on abortion. Another of her accomplices, also hooded, responded from another point in the Cathedral.

A lady who was listening to mass got up annoyed and tried to remove the hood of one of the men who forcibly interrupted the religious ceremony, but a struggle ensued and the temple’s security personnel immediately intervened to ask them to leave. removed from the Cathedral.

“When they bless rifles and crown the Virgin,” shouted another of the attackers, who refused to leave the premises. Some attendees were perplexed by such an attack, others recorded the stunned scene with their cell phones.

The same hooded woman who interrupted mass in the Cathedral at that moment, screaming, had already been seen in various parts of the capital and belongs to the so-called front line. She herself had carried out aggressive attacks against several media outlets in the capital of the Republic. What happened today is serious because it violates the religious beliefs of those who were participating in the Eucharist in one of the most iconic churches in Bogotá.

Colombia is a country with freedom of worship and this type of attack is unacceptable because it hurts the intimate beliefs of the people. In addition, they are considered a crime.

Social networks were filled with messages in the face of this outrageous fact.

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