Hope for “Long Covid” suffering: Kuchler kicker Christopher Bachleitner fights back

2023-10-09 02:05:00

Kuchl is going from win to win in the Salzburg league. In addition to the 3-0 win over pursuers Grödig, the rivals also have to be impressed by the fact that two top players in the squad have not been on the pitch for a minute. Robert Strobl is currently working on a comeback after his knee injury Christopher Bachleitner. His ordeal has been going on for more than a year. Now there is new hope.

The ordeal began in the summer of 2022

“Things are slowly going up,” says the 24-year-old offensive player. Since the summer of 2022 he has been struggling with symptoms that are also referred to as Long Covid. After the third corona infection – in between he was also vaccinated against the virus once – and the subsequent reactivation of the Epstein-Barr virus, the previously extremely fit kicker hardly got out of bed for a long time and was always tired and without energy. Various therapies cost a total of around 20,000 euros and gave him temporary highs that also led him back to the playing field. So far, however, they have always resulted in relapses – most recently in mid-July. Since the test match against Mondsee, sport was no longer an option. But a new therapy is now showing initial success.

Therapy already cost 20,000 euros

“I notice that something is happening. I’m feeling better,” says Bachleitner, who will start the second stage of infusions in the next few days. The plan: “I want to be there for winter training on December 1st, even if not at 100 percent, and make my comeback in the spring – all without pressure,” says the long-time regional league kicker, who is completing a master’s degree. He wants to get started again on and off the sports field. “My first wish is to get healthy and, ideally, to do what I by far enjoy doing most: playing football.”

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