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Horeca, sport, private parties … Here are all the measures announced by the consultation committee

This week’s figures surprised even experts. The progression of the coronavirus epidemic prompted the authorities to organize a new (virtual) consultation committee this Friday morning. Only 10 days after the last committee, dnew measures are needed.

According to the Prime Minister, “the situation is no longer tenable“. The committee decided to take a package of measures for three weeks. They come into force from tomorrow / Saturday with one exception: those which concern events organized by professionals, which will apply from this Monday, November 29.

Closed night clubs

This is the first measure that fell. It was confirmed even before the press conference following the consultation committee: the night world will have to close its doors again. It was a recommendation of the GEMS expert group advising the authorities: there will therefore no longer be any question of going dancing in a nightclub or disco.

We want to prevent people from being too close to each other“, explains Alexander De Croo.

There will be support measures“, specifies the Prime Minister.

Horeca closed at 11pm, 6 people at the table

Bars and restaurants will be able to continue to welcome customers, but they will have to lower the curtain between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

And the seats at the table will be counted again: 6 people per table maximum. However, households with more than 6 people can sit down as a family.

Private sphere: no social bubble but out-of-home events prohibited

Private parties, away from home, will be prohibited.

For the rest, lhe return of a “social bubble” is not on the agenda, but Belgians are invited to better secure their contacts in the private sphere, in particular with vulnerable people.

If you invite people to your home, says the committee, take a self-test, and wear the mask, and, in general, ventilate interior spaces.

Limit your contacts“, said the Prime Minister.

Public events

For public indoor events, only seats are authorized, in accordance with the CST rule, accompanied by the wearing of a mask.

Outside: the organizers must respect the rules of social distancing and maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between each group. Otherwise, specifies the consultation committee, their event will be closed.

The terms applicable in the Horeca sector are also valid for events.

Telecommuting 4 days a week

the teleworking will remain compulsory 4 days a week until December 19 (instead of December 12).

The period from which workers will be able to return to their place of work at most twice a week therefore begins on December 20.

Sports competitions: no public inside

Indoor sports competitions, both amateur and professional, can only take place without an audience. Participants up to the age of 18 may however be accompanied by their parents.


Education ministers will meet this weekend to discuss new measures.

For the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, it will be necessary to intervene quickly and strictly: wearing a mask, measuring CO2 in all premises, no longer mixing school groups …

Regarding extra-curricular activities, the Minister warns: “We must not stop sports activities, outside school, but ministers must think about what can be done so that there is no crossroads of contamination outside schools and this is the case. in lots of activities for young people indoors. Will we be able to maintain them? If we do not want schools to hit the wall, we will have to make very difficult decisions elsewhere.

Testing: avoid the crash

We are going to open testing centers where people can go freely to be tested.“, announced the Prime Minister.

This saturday morning, added Frank Vandenbroucke, we are going to think what we can do to avoid crashing the testing strategy. We must give real priority to people who have symptoms and avoid too long delays.”


Health ministers prepare plan to speed up vaccination tempo. 1,250,000 people (elderly or vulnerable) have already received the booster, we must continue.

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