Horoscope for today Monday March 21. Check the prediction of the daily horoscope of your sign.

Speak clearly with whom you have differences, Aries, but from the serenity. What your boy proposes to you is fantastic, Taurus, before you start arguing with him, think about it. Trust yourself more, Gemini, keep that positive spirit that invades you today. Try lowering your sensitivity level a bit, Cancer, do not take everything to the tremendous. You are missing some detail, Leo, there is someone around you that would interest you a lot. Value yourself more, Virgo, stop worrying so much about what others will think of you. Consult your inner voice more often, Libra, sharpen your intuition. Do not prolong that situation that makes you uncomfortable, Scorpio, solve it today. Keep a positive spirit, Sagittarius, it will benefit you a lot in all aspects. To start a new cycle, Capricorn, it is essential to close the previous one. Get organized and keep order, Aquarius, This way you will not waste your energy and you will get good results. Do not exceed your limit by serving others, Pisces, first think of yourself.

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