Hospital strike in Río Negro this Thursday and Friday for “decent wages for Health”

2023-04-27 10:47:01

Health workers from Río Negro gathered in Asspur announced a new 48-hour strike that will take place this Thursday and Friday throughout the province in demand of “decent wages” for Health.

In addition, from the union they denounced that the Viedma hospital «works with staff to the limit» in “terrible building conditions” and the “lack of basic medication and supplies for hospital use«.

They also indicated that “operating room, adult therapy and neonatology without emergency exits, old equipment and lack of spaces” and that «the corridors of all hospitalization areas became deposits for disposable supplies”, among other issues.

Yesterday, the director of the Artémides Zatti hospital in Viedma, José Pacayut, pointed out that there are “claims within the salary framework and sometimes things are raised that exceed the salary» In relation to the situation of conflict with the Río Negro Public Health Union Association (Asspur).

“Last week there were manifest issues about building or resource issues,” he explained. “that within the inflationary contextwhich is not typical of the province, but when it is transferred to the health sector it doubles, we manage resources that are in dollars, which also suffer increases ». He added that “in decentralized purchases from the hospital there are sometimes delays in deliveries” because they are supplies “that are not in the country.”

In Cipolletti, hospital workers announced their adherence to the measure of force and detailed that they also demand greater security in the area in the face of repeated cases of robberies.

The activity will begin at 11 am and will take place at the entrance door of the United Nations establishment.

They will make a flag and a symbolic hug to the hospital. “Because of our claims and for the safety of the hospital, we call on all the neighbors and organizations to accompany us,” they spread.

They explained that there will also be a board of signatures of a note requesting security and restitution to the victims. They ask that they come with copies of the complaints to initiate the corresponding claim.

In Roca, the workers also denounce the lack of building conditions, even in the newer sectors of the hospital. On Monday a partition that divides the boxes and beds of the new intensive care unit of the institution fell and revived a debate within the Francisco López Lima. Not only because it could have caused an accident, but because it revealed poor building conditions, as denounced by the Asspur and ATE unions.

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