Hospital Universitario del Caribe: Supersalud recovers and returns the University Hospital of the Caribbean to a healthy state | Cartagena

With a symbolic act in which, at the invitation of the National Superintendent of Health, Fabio Aristizábal Ángelmore than a hundred workers, authorities and representatives of the social and political classes of the Atlantic Coast put their hands on a large mural and sealed a commitment to life and health, the successful process of forced intervention that made it possible to fully recover the Caribbean University Hospital (HUC).

The delivery of the administration of the hospital to the Government of Bolívar becomes a milestone for the health of this region of the country since four years ago the Superintendence found this care center in a totally disheveled situation and in such a critical financial condition that it was considered unfeasible to continue as a health service provider.

Visibly excited to announce the results during this intervention stage, the Superintendent Fabio Aristizábal Ángel assured that “today we are ‘discharging’ this hospital, because it has come back to life after dying and stands as a model of service provision and as the emblem and benchmark of health that we promised the inhabitants of our beloved Caribbean coast”.

He added that “the ghosts of liquidation are left behind and today we hand over to the department of Bolívar a hospital operating with the highest quality standards, with opportunity, with all fourth-level services operating, with reasonable financial statements, with trained human talent. and committed, and with the daily payment of the current labor and benefit obligations of the plant employees”.

The Superintendent made a detailed balance of the achievements reached by the hospital and said that they are the result of the joint effort led by Supersalud through the intervening special agent, supported by the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Government of Bolívar, the Cartagena Mayor’s Office and countless private sector actors.

The indicators of transformation

Today the hospital has 73 services enabled and in operation, of which 36 are specialized medicine, 15 diagnostic support and 17 highly complex.

Users surveyed after being treated at the hospital have reported favorability of the service above 99% for 4 consecutive years.

These are other of the main milestones that confirm the strengthening of the attention capacities of the HUC:

• It has a total offer of 425 beds: 76 Adult ICU, 46 Intermediate ICU and 303 general hospital beds.

• The 9th and 10th floors were enabled, which made it possible to provide 116 hospital beds for the region, after 17 years of total abandonment.

• The 5th floor was fully recovered, equipping it with 36 ICU beds and biomedical equipment.

• The emergency and hospitalization area was enabled for the care of patients with respiratory pathologies.

• 14 single-person rooms were built to treat infectious diseases that require special handling.

• The surgery service was remodeled with 7 rooms, a preparation, recovery and medical area, 19 consulting rooms, a mortuary room and a sterilization center.

good financial numbers

In the administrative and financial aspects, the Hospital Universitario del Caribe also presents positive results.

Thus, for example, the average monthly billing went from $7,000 million to $11,000 million at the end of 2021.

The average monthly collection went from $5,000 million to 10,000 million in 2021.

The superintendent highlighted the contributions and resources given by the Government for a total of $25,846 million pesos, which were allocated to investment projects ($3,797 million), payment of human talent ($4,959 million), and Fonsaet resources ($17,093 million).

With the latter, labor liabilities were reduced and the assigned resources were used to pay tax obligations and carry out works to expand services such as emergencies and adaptations in the surgery area.

For its part, to oxygenate the finances of the hospital institution, Supersalud obtained more than $23,150 million through its two main portfolio recovery mechanisms: the resource flow tables ($20,063 million) and the

conciliation sessions ($3,107 million).

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