How an EgyptAir Pilot’s Skill Saved Passengers During a Tire Burst at Jeddah Airport

2023-05-29 05:36:34

Riyadh: The plane’s tire burst while landing in Jeddah. Due to the skill of the pilot, disaster was avoided. The tire of an EgyptAir flight from Cairo burst at the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah on Sunday morning.

The plane landed at Jeddah airport at 1:30 AM Saudi time and the tire exploded immediately. The plane took off from Cairo at 10 pm on Saturday night and the accident happened.

The pilot landed the plane safely. EgyptAir later announced that the passengers were safe and that no one was injured and that the cause of the crash was being investigated. The aircraft will resume service after completion of repairs at Jeddah Airport.

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