“Santa Fe secures victory against Unión Magdalena with controversial plays in BetPlay League”

2022-09-30 07:00:00

Unión Magdalena and Santa Fe met this Sunday in the continuation of date 14 of the BetPlay League. With the final 0-2 in the Sierra Nevada, the locals lost the opportunity to get closer to the first place in the table that belongs to Millonarios with 28 points.

Independiente Santa Fe, for its part, suffered the loss of Leandro Castellanos at the beginning of the game and had to use José Silva, who had no complications during the time he was on the pitch. The goals for the Bogotá team came in the second half thanks to two executions from twelve steps.

The match in Santa Marta had several controversial situations, including the expulsion of Barboza and the exoneration of the same punishment for Ricardo Márquez, who attacked Lizarazo without the ball.

First half: round-trip match at the Sierra Nevada

The first half was disputed and the teams could not break parity. Unión Magdalena was better in its tactical approach and caused problems in the defensive line of Santa Fe, which received several indications from Alfredo Arias.

Hinojosa, Márquez, Cantillo and Chávez played an important role in causing mistakes in the Santa Fe midfield. Barboza and Sánchez they were outmatched in their duels and Unión Magdalena easily approached the goal of the Bogota.

The lack of clarity in the generation of spaces and associations caused Morelo to have no influence. The forward had to collide with the defenders of the local team, who prevailed and did not allow him to create danger. Santa Fe controlled the ball but the plays did not have depth.

Santa Fe dominates, stays with ten and wins

As in the first 45 minutes, Independiente Santa Fe sought to have possession of the ball. With the new position of Carlos Sánchez, who got among the defenders, the team had another start and Barboza began to take the leading role that he needed in the initial part.

In the 61st minute, Morelo opened up space behind the Unión defense and managed to enter the box. Before finishing off, he received an infraction and Wilmar Roldán did not hesitate to assign the maximum penalty. The striker was in charge of completing his play and with a shot to the right side, he beat Bejarano to make it 1-0.

In the 76th minute came the controversial commitment play. Ricardo Márquez, of little influence in the game, hit Lizarazo in the leg when the defender had won the ball. Despite the clear aggression, neither the VAR nor the referee list they considered it meriting expulsion and the player received a yellow card. After the play, he was replaced.

In the 80th minute, Barboza received a red card due to an impact on the face of a rival when he was playing an aerial ball. With 10 players, Arias organized a line of 5 and did not allow Unión to find spaces. In the sixth minute of addition, the VAR intervened again due to an attack by Lopera on Morelo in the area. The referee showed the red card to the Unión player, signaled the penalty point and Estupiñán changed it for a goal for the final 0-2.


On the next date, Unión will have an important duel for the relegation points. The team will visit Boyacá to face Patriotas. For his part, Santa Fe, which is close to the qualifying positions, will receive Atlético Nacional in a postponed match of date 13 of the BetPlay League.


J. Silva (17′, Leandro Castellanos), Carlos Lizarazo (45′, Neyder Moreno), A. Estupiñán (45′, Mr. Mier), Jose Market (61′, Juan Vacca), Jose Lloreda (61′, Diego Chavez), David Vega (68′, Fabian Cantillo), Facundo Stable (76′, Ricardo Marquez), A. Morally (81′, José Enamorado), J.Herrera (90′, Carlos Lizarazo)


0-1, 60′: Wilson Morelo0-2, 95′: Andrey Estupiñán


Referee: Wilmar Alexander Roldán Pérez
VAR Referee: Carlos Arturo Ortega Jaimes, Jonathan Aguirre
Jonathan Barboza (48′,Yellow) Jose Aja (49′,Yellow) A. Spina (66′,Yellow) Jose Lloreda (72′,Yellow) Ricardo Marquez (75′,Yellow) Jonathan Barboza (79′,Roja) J.in love (81′,Yellow) Jonathan Lopera (92′,Roja) R. Hinojosa (98′,Yellow) D. Chávez (98′,Yellow)


Classification PT PJ PG PE PP

28 13 8 4 1

26 14 8 2 4

24 14 7 3 4

23 13 6 5 2

23 14 6 5 3
Classification PT PJ PG PE PP

22 14 5 7 2

22 13 6 4 3

22 14 6 4 4

19 14 4 7 3

18 14 5 3 6

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