How can you help me pay your electricity bills from Social Security?

2023-05-28 21:31:01

Many people need help in the process of paying the monthly bills. Through social security, you can get a financial contribution to pay the monthly electricity bills in order to ease the burdens on you and your family. It is an important service that millions benefit from in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Social Security contributes to paying the electricity bill for the insolvent on a monthly basis so that penalties do not begin to trickle down on the family, while the beneficiaries can easily obtain it through the Social Security website.

Categories eligible for electricity insurance

Electricity insurance from social security is entitled to different categories within Saudi society, including:

  • People with limited income and determined by the laws of social security.
  • People with special needs.
  • the elderly.
  • widows.

And other different categories that have the pilgrimage to pay the social security electricity bill for all or part of it.

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