Megan is unlikely to like it: mistress made a condition for Prince Harry

2023-05-29 02:30:33

Ruslana Alekseeva

41 minutes ago

Prince Harry bit his tongue. The secrets of the son of the British king can be revealed at any moment.

At the end of March, Britain’s Prince Harry appeared in court. The royal offspring, we recall, filed several lawsuits against the Associated Newspapers network of international news agencies. As part of the meeting, the son of King Charles III had to talk about former mistresses Laura Gerard Lee and Chelsea Davy. Harry said that the agency journalists ruined the lives of both of his sweethearts. The phones of the beauties were tapped, and surveillance was also established behind them. Photos of Laura and Chelsea, who did not crave publicity at all, constantly surfaced on the pages of newspapers.

The prince’s testimony in court spurred public interest in Chelsea Davy, now the owner of a prestigious safari business. In social networks, the girl is compared with the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle. The public comments on the appearance of Chelsea, her personal qualities. Ardent fans of Meghan even make collages with Davy and Markle, in which they humiliate one and praise the other.

The sudden surge in popularity of Chelsea Davy is not to their liking. The blonde has never felt the need for everyone’s attention and is very worried about what is happening. Moreover, 12 years ago, Chelsea left Harry precisely because she could not bear the persecution of the paparazzi and gossip in the press.

The list of former lovers of Prince Harry also includes the name of Cressida Bonas. The charming actress met with the royal heir for two years. When Harry and Cressida were together, many were sure that this couple had a great future. Bonas seemed exactly the kind of person the prince desperately needed. The actress, meanwhile, having tasted royal life, refused to continue her relationship with the grandson of Elizabeth II. Cressida Bonas did not want to be part of the court and live by protocol, she was not on her way with Harry.

Interestingly, Prince Harry himself today tries not to mention Cressida anywhere. In the memoirs and numerous interviews of the prince about the ex-mistress Bonas, not a word. Rumor has it that the actress forbade the son of the king to say anything about himself. Allegedly, the blonde threatened the chatty ex-lover. If Harry reveals the details of their affair to the press, Cressida will release her own memoirs, in which she will bring a lot of interesting things to the public. Say, Megan is unlikely to like her revelations.

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