How Cinthia Fernández Manages Financial Independence: The Story of a Mother’s Unconventional Journey

2023-11-10 22:23:11

Cinthia Fernández has, on more than one occasion, said that after separating from her ex-partner Matías Defederico, with whom she has an arduous conflict over the alimony of her daughters, she must have three different jobs.

However, there was a time when the eltrece panelist had to resort to other resources to guarantee the well-being of her daughters. Several months ago, Cinthia spoke without filters about her foray into selling erotic photos through the Divas Play platform, where she charged $15 per image. “I need the money because I maintain my entire house and I have a lot of expenses. The money works for me. For me it’s like a job, I have to work as a sexy girl and I do it,” she commented.

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Cinthia Fernández and her electrifying hot photos: (Photo: Divas Play)By: Mayerkis Campos

At the time, some on social media questioned his decision. However, far from showing guilt or shame about her situation, the dancer explained that her expenses were higher than her income and that is why she needed the job.

Cinthia Fernández and her electrifying hot photos: (Photo: Divas Play)By: Mayerkis Campos

Now, the sale of erotic photos is part of the media’s work past. In addition to her work on TV, in recent months she has shown herself to be very committed to her new developments in her role as an entrepreneur. She will soon open her first store and also has a great presence on networks, which gives her access to brands that want to work with her.

Cinthia Fernández and her electrifying hot photos. (Photo: Divas Play)By: Mayerkis Campos

Cinthia Fernández criticized Matías Defederico and revealed how her daughters’ food quota is spent

Cinthia Fernández returned to the charge against Matías Defederico, who continues to pay her a child support fee of $55 thousand pesos for her three daughters, at a rate of 18 thousand for each one. She is fed up with having to work all day to generate more income because she does not receive the corresponding help from the other party. She criticized it on TV and told how she spends the money that she does not transfer to Charis, Bella and Francesca. .

In LAM (America), the media stated that they receive information from the footballer’s inner circle. “Many people began to betray him, information began to reach me, I began to investigate… Faced with a fee of 55 thousand and a guy who before the judge or on camera, crying like a crocodile that no one believes him, says no. It is enough for him and he lives from day to day, and then you see that he builds and sells houses. He builds and sells houses with my money, which is actually my daughters’ money, he gives you a little by the balls,” she said, furious and collapsed by the situation.

Matías Defederico had three daughters with Cinthia Fernández. (Photo: instagram/mattdefederico)

Cinthia also explained Defederico’s maneuver to stop the seizure: “There is a lot of evidence of things from his assets being passed on to relatives… You are getting rid of assets so that your assets look like those of a guy who, poor, cannot pay , live from day to day. He has a mini Cooper that he could have sold a long time ago! Now, he can no longer do it because he is inhibited. I tried everything, guys. Everything, everything, I have nothing more to prove!

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