Groundbreaking Medical Breakthroughs: Complete Eye Transplant and Innovative Water Solutions

2023-11-10 23:11:26

Listen to Martin Carli talk in particular about a first transplant of a complete eye in humans.

The patient is doing very well and although he has not regained his sight, the transplanted eye is in very good health. A big step towards the eventual possibility of restoring sight to patients!

Also in this column:

Take inspiration from the Mayans to provide drinking water to everyone!

The Mayans demonstrated great ingenuity, particularly in the creation of natural pools allowing water to be filtered and made drinkable without chemical treatment. Researchers believe that this would be a good solution to deal with the predicted shortage of drinking water with the climate changes we are facing.

A new sense of taste

Bitter, sweet, salty, sour, umami…and now ammonia? It seems that we are very sensitive to this substance and that we have a way of detecting this taste on the tongue in order to protect ourselves! We would have at least six distinct tastes!

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