How do you do it?.. How to deal with a Mac if you always use Windows

If you are used to using Windows, then the first Mac will be a problem for you, however, this one is easy to use and easy to use, but it is different, so we will guide you through the steps that will allow you to make the difference • Learn about Mac problems. Originally adapted from “mackeeper”.

different operating systems

Apple computers use their own operating system called macOS, previously known as Mac OS X. It differs from Windows inside and out. When you first learn how to use a Mac, it’s a bit like starting a new business. You have to look around to figure out where everything is and what everything is doing.

There is no start menu

You can access many of your computer’s features through the Windows Start menu, which you can open with the Windows key on your keyboard.

But the Start menu doesn’t exist in macOS, so everything is organized differently, and you don’t have such a thing as the Windows key, but there are other third-party tools that add the Start menu to macOS.

Various shortcuts

If you’re coming from Windows, you’ll get used to using the Ctrl key for most keyboard shortcuts like copy and paste.

On macOS, for most Mac keyboard shortcuts, you can use the Command (Cmd) key, which will have either an Apple image or a cloverleaf icon on it.

Mac keyboards also have Ctrl keys, but they don’t have the same functionality as Windows, and they also have an Option (Opt) key where Windows keyboards have Alt.

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