How do you get more followers on Instagram? 5 tips to increase your numbers

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Cairo – Samia Sayed – If you’ve ever wondered why you struggle to gain followers on Instagram, you might be missing out on some simple tricks, as there are some of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram for any budding influencers or small businesses out there.

Decide what your account is

To gain followers you have to offer them something.

These could be pictures of something specific, fashion, food, or your fun personality.

Whatever it is, make sure you stay consistent and you’ll end up in the Instagram community sharing your niche.
Use good hashtags

You can get a very active hashtag but only if you use the right hashtags.

Try typing some keywords and see what content appears for those hashtags and whether you want your content to join in.

Try and use some hashtags that have fewer posts attached to them.

For example, the hashtag “brunch” has 31.2 million posts linked to it.

While the hashtag “brunchideas” only has 243,000 posts that use it, so your content is more likely to be featured in that group.

Interact with your audience

Make sure to reply to comments to keep people engaged.

You can also create engagement opportunities on your Instagram Stories through polls and questions.


Collaboration is great if you know another brand or influencer who would like to collaborate with you.

Posting news on another account can increase engagement for you and can create some interesting content for your followers.

Continuous posting

The more times you post, the more you will be able to interact with followers and potential followers.

Lots of brands post every day but you just need to find a posting style that works for you and your community.

A few times a week should be enough to keep people interested if your content is high quality.


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