How does science infuse and spread? Scientific press review for the month of February 2021

Published on : 03/02/2021 – 14:14

What research, what discoveries caught the attention of our colleagues in the scientific press this month?

Let us ask ourselves what moves us in these times of pandemic: the benefits of the sheep spirit to remove, for example, our hesitation in the face of the vaccine … It is also a question of projections into the past in the time of the dinosaurs. We are also interested in the neural networks of parenthood and we revisit the ordeal of the astronauts of Apollo 14 or all that should not be done to collect lunar samples …

Cecile Lestienne, Brain and Psycho

Philippe Hénarejos, Sky and Space

Philippe Pajot Sciences and the Future / Research

Thomas Cavaillé Fol, Science and Life


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