How much is enough to pay Tet at the house of the paternal and maternal family?

Born and raised in Binh Phuoc, Ha Thuy Tuy went to study and work in Hanoi. She married her husband from Nam Dinh. Due to the geographical distance of the two families, Ms. Sui and her husband decided to celebrate Tet at a place each year.

Ms. Tuy shared: “This year, my family celebrates Tet in my hometown in Nam Dinh. After working on the 28th, we went back home to celebrate Tet with our family.”

Ms. Tuy had planned to give Tet gifts to relatives. Photo: Tuy Tuy.

Ms. Tuy used to work as an accountant for a business in Hanoi. After giving birth to the third child, she accepted to quit her job to have more time to look after the children. To earn extra income, Ms. Tuy decided to sell ready-to-eat food in the apartment she lives in.

Thanks to her good cooking, Ms. Tuy is very popular. Therefore, she is not too pressured about money, still has a stable income every month. At the end of the year, many expenses have to be spent, she also sat down to make statistics to prepare her finances accordingly.

When Tet comes, Spring comes, it is definitely indispensable to give Tet gifts to the inside and outside. “Actually, no one forces children to give Tet gifts to their parents. And many times parents don’t even need their children to do that. There are many families that just need their children to gather and return to their hometown to celebrate Tet and their parents are happy.” Thuy shared.

However, because she cares and wants to spend better things with her parents, on this occasion, she also buys or gives money. Ms. Sui shared: “This year, my family plans to give my parents two million dong. Besides, I also want to buy clothes, medicine, milk or Tet gift baskets for my parents.”

According to her, how much to donate depends on the income and economic conditions of each family. As for her family, if she wants to pay more attention and make up for it, she will buy it if her parents lack anything.

Ms. BHL (SN 1996, in Vinh Tuong, Vinh Phuc) said that when she was still single, during Tet, she did not care too much about giving Tet gifts. Then, on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, she will give her parents lucky money about 500,000-1,000,000 VND.

After getting married, Ms. L paid more attention to the preparation of Tet gifts and Tet gifts for her parents at the end of each year. “Normally, I will prepare two gift baskets for my parents on both sides. Then, on the 1st of the Lunar New Year, I will give my parents a gift of about 1-2 million VND” – Ms. Lan shared.

Because many times when she gives cash before Tet, her parents will not accept it because the newly married couple and having small children still face many difficulties. So, from the previous year, Ms. L and her husband thought of a way to buy flowers and ornamental plants for Tet to give to their parents.

How much is enough to pay Tet at the house of the paternal and maternal family?  - Photo 2.

Ms. L’s family gave Tet gifts to her paternal and maternal grandparents with eye-catching orchid pots. Photo: Anh Thu.

Ms. L shared: “Sometimes when giving money to parents, they will not accept it, but just bring orchids, or peach trees, and kumquats to the house on December 27 and 28, grandparents will feel happier. The family looks full. I’m also satisfied with the Tet atmosphere.”

Many husband and wife families were stressed with each other because of the difference between the paternal and maternal houses. Ms. L believes that every parent needs to cherish and respect. So there should be no distinction here. If you give something, buy something for your parents on Tet holiday, there should be equality. Thus, in mind, both husband and wife are more comfortable.

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