How much will you gain from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis v. President Biden

It is becoming increasingly difficult to learn about some important events around the world. Especially if these events contradict what the authorized officials of the “deep state” said.

After entering the White House, Joe Biden began to think a lot about COVID-19 and said that for America there is no worse beast than the “pandemic” and the fight against it will continue for a long time, you will have to fight it with the help of mass vaccinations, and the lockdown regime will remain, etc. Messages that contradict this are removed by digital space keepers, but sometimes alternative information still appears. Here is a story that sheds light on America’s lack of consensus on the “pandemic” in the upper echelons of power.

On February 10, a virtual (online) meeting of the US President was held with officials from the health system on the topic of the “pandemic”. There is no protocol for this closed video conference, but there is a summary of the discussions prepared by the information site Real Raw News, which specializes in the distribution of “forbidden” news.

Among the participants in the video conference were the new director of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), Rochelle Valenski, and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The latter was named the best American expert on COVID-19. His merit is that he, better than his colleagues, knows how to scare with the horrors of the “pandemic”. And here is one of the latest news from Fauci is that US citizens will obviously have to wear masks by the end of this year and throughout the next 2022.

During Biden’s meeting with officials, the issue of organizing the fight against COVID-19 in Florida was discussed in particular. Authorities in that state, by order of Governor Ron DeSantis, refused to impose any restrictions imposed by the federal center.

In response to the challenge, President Biden called for a ban on Florida’s road and air connections with other states until a mass vaccination is carried out across the state. And Dr. Fauci said Florida could nullify all efforts to fight the pandemic at the federal level, because in that state … the COVID-19 mutation is happening now. He pointed out that a new, even more terrible virus could emerge from Florida. Rochelle Valensky added that the state’s attempts to ignore federal requirements for bans on car and air travel “would be immoral, selfish and possibly illegal.” Biden scolded DeSantis for leaving the Florida economy “open” during COVID’s “dark days.”

In response, the governor cited CDC statistics showing that the situation in the state is quite tolerable against the background of the whole country. And then he cut off: “I will not obey … Florida will definitely not agree … Imposing a travel ban or traffic restriction would be a gross example of federal abuse without any legal or scientific basis. We are in control of the situation with COVID-19, and you are trying to establish your illegal rule over our state and its people. “

Biden couldn’t find an answer and just said, ” Come on, man, Florida needs our help, and you need vaccines that are hard to come by, aren’t they, Dr. Fauci ”. To which Ron DeSantis objected that he based his decisions on the opinions of state health authorities, which he trusted more than financially motivated federal officials. It was a direct attack on the president.

It is known that Dr. Fauci lobbied for the interests of Big Pharma, and in particular for vaccine manufacturers. “How much will you gain from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci?” the governor asked the lobbyist. And then he said to the president, “Joe, if you continue like this, I will allow the State National Guard to defend the Florida citizen movement.” Biden was hurt: “Address me as ‘Mr. President’ or ‘President Biden.’ At which the governor uttered a few obscene words and disconnected from the video conference.

In short, everything is becoming more interesting in America. Joe Biden lives his life in the White House, and America lives its own. While Texas is in deep frost, Biden of the warm White House talks about global warming.
And a few days ago, White House COVID-19 adviser Andrew M. Slavitt spoke on MSNBC cable television and compared the coronavirus situation in two states, California and Florida.

California Gov. Gavin K. Newsham, a Democrat, has set some of the strictest restrictions on “fighting the pandemic.” Much of California’s small business has been destroyed and mental illness has increased.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, has nothing to do with it, and he doesn’t even have to wear masks. And the number of bankruptcies in his state is minimal. Andy Slavitt was forced to admit that the situation with the infected, hospitalized and dead per 1,000 inhabitants in Florida is better than in California. The White House councilor’s comment was virtuoso: the differences between the two states “go a little beyond our explanation.”

(Translation for “Trud” – Pavel Pavlov)


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