How Samira Al-Ghamdi Stood Up to Mockery and Embraced Her Age: An Inspiring Story

2023-06-25 03:27:16

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The content creator, Samira Al-Ghamdi, reacted to her followers because of their mockery of her for repeating the word “mama” even though she is fifty years old.

Al-Ghamdi addressed these people by saying: Did I tell you that I am 20 years old, or I am still a baby, or in adolescence, or did I make you feel that I am still injured?

And she expressed her amazement at the amount of comments she received because of her saying: “I am in the mall with Mama* and addressed her critics:“ This is your problem.

And she continued her response: “My hair is white and I dye it, and I do Botox and fillers, and I control myself.

And she added: I am reconciled with myself and happy with my age and happy with it, then I gave a final word: I wish you, when you become old, will be a quarter of what I have done in my life.

She concluded her speech by saying: If you have psychological problems, my friends, psychiatrists, are ready to bring you free sessions to solve the inferiority complex that you suffer from, then I asked them to stay away from it.

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