How the hospital bargained with her • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A female citizen recounted the details of her exposure to a medical error, while undergoing liposuction, which resulted in her suffering a permanent disability.

proces Suction

And she said, during her intervention with the “Yahla” program: “I went to a private hospital to perform a suction operation, for the abdomen and back, in 2020.”

burns in a Skin

And she continued: “After the operation, complications began to appear, and an Arab resident told me that these complications are normal after the operation, then it became clear that they were burns resulting from the use of the suction device, and I was transferred to a Saudi consultant, in the same clinic, to examine the entire abdominal area, and write a report by him in the presence of A hospital official.

And she continued: “I was transferred to another Arab resident to correct the deformities in the skin, and to perform sessions to improve the color of the skin after it turned black.”

complaint Lazarus the health

And she continued: “I filed a complaint with the Ministry of Health, then the complaint was submitted to the Health Sharia Board, and in the meantime, the clinic’s officials contacted us to meet the clinic’s lawyer, and he offered us 100,000 riyals to waive the complaint, and I refused.”

Cost treatment

She added: “Doctors told me that the treatment will cost more than 100 thousand, in addition to that this deformity will not be removed permanently, which means that it is a permanent disability.”

She concluded, “I tried to meet the judge in the Sharia Board, and he asked me to wait for my turn.”

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