How to act in case of refusal of care? Interview with Me Jean-Pierre Joseph

INTERVIEW — While some doctors are overzealous in more or less explicitly refusing care to unvaccinated people, we spoke to a lawyer about this, to find out how to act in the event of a refusal of care. Me Jean-Pierre Joseph, lawyer at the bar of Grenoble, and author of “Vaccines, we would have been lied to(Test Ed.) walks us through what to do in such a situation.

Following the promulgation of the law on vaccination passes, a non-vaccinated person is always deducted from his health contributions. What has changed in terms of his ability to seek treatment?

Currently, a non-vaccinated person is often turned away when he wants to make an appointment at the hospital, either for a consultation or for an intervention. However, he still pays his health contributions, which indeed poses a problem in terms of principles, and in terms of law. To my knowledge, no court has yet ruled on the case of a person who would have refused to pay his contributions because he would not have had access to care.

Only emergency problems do not require the presentation of the vaccination pass.

The Western world has therefore fallen into collective hysteria, plunging people into terror, which justifies the great nonsense we are currently experiencing.

Can a liberal doctor refuse to treat a non-vaccinated person?

A liberal doctor who would refuse care to a non-vaccinated person shows his serious ignorance about contagion and immunity, which is appalling.

He also shows his total lack of interest in what is currently happening in the world, and his ignorance of the fact that the serious adverse effects of these “vaccines” (he should have taken the trouble to consult the ANSM or Eudravigilance ), because they are 20 times greater in less than two years, than in 50 years of statistics on all the other vaccines combined!

He shows that he did not wonder about the fact of knowing why so many hospital caregivers, who had accepted all the other vaccines without problem, refuse this one, those who are in the field and who see in emergencies ” vaccinated”…

If he can afford this attitude, it is often because he is by definition up to date on his vaccines. He therefore risks nothing, if we follow his logic. What would he be afraid of?

He also shows his ignorance of what many scientists have written concerning the discovery by Jean Dausset, Nobel Prize in 1980, having highlighted the HLA system and the fact that each of us belongs to an immune group that makes that depending on this group, it will be:
— responder or non-responder to such vaccine;
— too responsive (hence autoimmune disease).

This is why some complain that despite the three doses, they have no antibodies…

Jean Dausset had declared to the press (in 1980!): Mass vaccination will soon be a thing of the past… »

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What to do then in front of a doctor having this attitude?
— change it, certainly;
— inform the Council of the Order;
— have their refusal noted by returning with a bailiff;
— file a complaint for failure to provide assistance and discrimination.

Can a non-vaccinated person still be treated in a hospital or clinic?

The current texts make compulsory the vaccination of health professionals, and people whose profession is exercised in a health establishment.

The texts also require people having non-urgent care to present a vaccination pass.

This is totally illogical, because let’s imagine the dialogue between a non-vaccinated person and a hospital security guard:
– Hello, I come to get vaccinated.
— Yes, show me your vaccination pass.
‘But I don’t have it, since I’ve come to get it.
“So you can’t come in to get vaccinated, since you haven’t been vaccinated…”

For two years, we have been living under the influence of texts contrary to the international conventions that France has ratified. Non-emergency care must wait until the patient’s condition deteriorates, which means that the care will become urgent, which will cost Social Security much more.

This is why a person who would like to be treated, and who would be refused access to a hospital or a clinic, and who believes that, if he is not treated, his condition will worsen, should:
— have it noted, either by a bailiff or by the police or the gendarmerie whom he will call, that he has been refused entry;
— file a complaint for failure to provide assistance and discrimination.

Can a non-vaccinated person still be treated in hospital or in a clinic in the emergency department without being obliged to be “vaccinated” before?

The decree of August 7, 2021, as well as the decree of January 22, 2022 are clear: any person, to be admitted to a health establishment, must show “white paw”, that is to say: either the vaccination pass, either the certificate of recovery or the certificate of medical contraindication. ” Except in an emergency ».

This means that an unvaccinated cannot be turned away from a hospital or clinic if they need urgent care. Should this occur, a complaint for failure to provide assistance should be filed immediately.

Generally speaking, we have been the object of contradictory, even stupid, measures for two years.

Terrorized by a virus that no scientist has yet isolated, we have accepted like sheep, restrictions of freedoms contradictory to each other:

— At bar tables, people seated talk to each other without a mask, and put on the mask as soon as they get up, even though they are no longer talking, as if the virus was suspended 1 m from the ground and jumped on them as soon as stop talking…
— The virus strikes in the TGV but not in the metro where people are much more crowded.
— Truck drivers are naturally immune, since truck restaurants are exempt from the requirement of a vaccination pass…
— The children, who we were told were not contracting the disease, or very little, and were not contagious, were very quickly masked. All the articles demonstrating the uselessness of this measure, and indicating that wearing a mask constituted child abuse, have not been of much use.

We could thus multiply the examples showing that all these inconsistencies only hold because we have accepted them.

« A population that accepts to lose a little freedom for its security, deserves neither, and ends up losing both. » B. Franklin

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