How to best protect yourself against infections after training

  • Open window effect: That’s behind it
  • Long of the open windows: that long is yours Body after to the sports prone
  • preventions: So you can yourself protection

Sport is to drive gut for the Health and strengthens yours immunity. The world too health organization (WHO) advises 150-300 minutes per week To do sport. In addition to the positive effect of sport on your immune system, there is also one Time window, in which you more receptive for pathogens are you. This Time window after intensive physical exertion is also called “open window”.

The open window effect

The Open Window describes a period of time after exercise when your immune system is more susceptible to disease. The open window effect thus relates to the recovery timethat your body needs after exercise. The Length of time can do it a lot differing fail and is dependent on intensity and length of Burden.

At the Sport rise heart rate and blood pressure, your Body pours Adrenalin and other stress hormones. This activate hormones die propagation the white blood cells (leukocytes), which are mainly responsible for your immune defense. After to the Sport needs your body recovery and the Crowd an white blood cells in your blood takes again ab. First after yours Regenerationsphase the amount of white blood cells increases on to the normal level a.

While the Regeneration must immune system however double so hart work. On the one hand it has to transport away destroyed cells were worn out during the load, for example, in the muscle and simultaneously it still has to be your body against pathogens protection. This double task can the immune system overwhelm and therefore makes the body more susceptible to pathogens.

Long des Open-Windows

The Open Window, i.e. the time that the body needs for regeneration and the immune system fulfills a double task can vary greatly in length. The more intense die burden, the more the immune defense is required and the more longer stops the open window. Such is the recovery of a 45-minute run only a few hours take time, but full recovery after a marathon weeks take advantage of.

After a endurance exercise it’s like running system more vulnerable for colds than in strength and competitive sports. Especially when the regeneration phases between workouts too short fail, he can Open window effect still strengthened become. Because then the body’s defenses have not yet fully recovered and are already being stressed again by the physical strain.

Frequently is the open window effect the Caused for colds. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in the cold seasonsbecause that Run in the charged with cold the upper ones respiratory tract additionally.

This is how you get through your training or competition healthy

To the Open window effect can you preventive counter by using your immune system supported. To do this, you should consider the following after intensive training sessions or competitions:

  • Make sure you have enough regeneration phases.
  • support your immune system with all necessary nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.
  • Drink and to be enough to replenish your energy and water stores after exercise.
  • Keep warm after exercisefor example with a hot shower or warm clothing.
  • Get enough sleepbecause sleep is an important part of our mental and physical recovery.
  • Avoid alcoholas this inhibits and delays regeneration.
  • Pay attention to hygiene and avoid direct contact with people who have a cold.

Straight after bigger sports events, for example one long distance running, is your immune system stressed. Im target area are often many people and you notice from the adrenaline and endorphins released from your body during the run not so much of the Exhaustion. But straight now you have to take special care of yourself and yours support defences. take care of yourself directly with enough water, electrolytes, carbohydrates and proteins. go if possible have a showerto free you from sweat and protect you from the cooling down to protection. In any case, pull yourself dry and warm clothing an, dry your Hair or put one Cap on. It can also be advantageous to larger crowds first off to stay away. If you don’t want to or can’t, here’s one FFP2 mask for your own protection before possible pathogens an extremely helpful companion.

Conclusion – give your body time to regenerate

Encourage regular physical activity your Health and your Immune system. After longer or more intense Charges, your body needs a certain amount of time Regeneration. In this time, the Open Window, is your Immune system doubly burdened and therefore more vulnerable for pathogens. In order not to catch a cold after exercising, you can use your immunity with some behaviors support.

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