How to create stickers with your photos to use on WhatsApp, Messages and more! [iPhone e iPad]

2023-10-03 10:00:00

From the iOS/iPadOS 17Apple allows you create stickers of main people or objects appearing in photos. Therefore, you can use them in applications such as iMessage, WhatsApp and any other messenger you prefer.

If you have a Live Photo stored on your device, you can also turn it into an animated sticker for the same purpose!

In the following paragraphs, see how to create this in two different ways! ????

Via the Photos app (Photos)

Open the Photos app and select the image you want to use. Then press the object for a few seconds until it pops out.

Choose “Add Sticker” and wait until the drawer with the stickers opens. If you want, select “Add Effects” to choose one of the options. Tap “OK” to save.

To use it later, open the app in question (such as WhatsApp), tap the button with an emoji on the keyboard and swipe from left to right.

In Messages (Messages), tap the “+”, select “Stickers” and choose it from the created stickers tab.

Via the Messages app

Open Messages, select the conversation, tap the “+” and choose “Stickers”. Then, go to the “+” in the stickers tab, so that your image library opens.

Choose the photo you want to use, wait a few seconds for the system to identify the sticker and select “Add Sticker”. Then you can add an effect, if you want.

According to Maçã, the stickers created are synchronized with all your devices that use the same Apple ID. Good right?

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