how to do this exercise correctly and its benefits

Leading a healthy lifestyle and trying to exercise every day requires effort and dedication of time. But, without a doubt, you can take advantage of this activity that for the human being can become fundamental in his life.

The gym is one of those promoters of proper body care, because thanks to its modern machines and equipment, the person who wants to maintain a healthy life, will be able to achieve and achieve their goals, whether it is losing weight, losing body fat or gain muscle. In a few words, being able to be healthy.

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Exercise, in addition to helping us to be healthy, it also provides a feeling of well-being and happinesssince when practicing new activities, whether strength or cardiovascular, they keep us focused.

One of the most practiced exercises in the routines of people who go to the gym is the military press, which is a basic element of strength training, in which the main key is to have the correct technique and make a complete run to wear the muscle.

To keep in mind, there are many ways to do this exercise: standing, with dumbbells, seated, standing with a barbell, or on modern machines. The objective is to work the shoulder, to always push it to the limit and to be able to develop the muscle as much as desired.

Tips to do the military press correctly

– Have a very good posture on the bench at 70 or 80 degrees, to have greater stability and a greater application of force.

– Try to have the scapulae (one of the triangular bones at the back of the shoulder) retracted.

– Pull out the chest for better work and exercise performance.

– Rotate the shoulder a little backwards.

– Try to keep the dumbbells (weights) at an intermediate point – scapular plane.

– Do a complete tour of the exercise, go up and down, controlling the weight, since it is the best thing to grow the muscle.

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Something that can be useful for all types of exercise is to try to connect your mind with the muscle being worked on, this is called the mind-muscle connection. It is defined in this way since it is the ability we have to focus our attention on a specific muscle, while doing a strength exercise. In this way, better results and complete activation of the muscle being worked can be achieved, according to ‘Anahana’, world leader in education on mental health and well-being.

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