How to modify your messages after they have been sent?

2023-05-25 16:26:04

Tired of WhatsApp typos? 15 minutes. This is now the maximum time you can edit text on WhatsApp. The long-awaited new update was announced this week. How to use it ?

A new feature to edit your messages on WhatsApp

Typos? A poorly expressed idea? Missing information? On May 22, WhatsApp officially announced a new edit button so you can edit your messages!

WhatsApp has long allowed users to delete messages. Technically, it is already possible to correct typos by deleting the posted message and resending it. But deleting a post replaces it with a “this post has been deleted” notice, a not very convenient feature.

Thus, in a blog postthe messaging app announced:

“From fixing a simple spelling mistake to adding extra context to a message, we’re excited to give you more control over your chats.” All you have to do is long-press on a sent message and choose ‘Edit’ from the menu for up to fifteen minutes afterwards.

To edit a message on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone or iPhone;
  • Open the WhatsApp conversation in which you want to edit the message you just sent;
  • Long press the message you want to edit;
  • On Android, select the pencil icon from the toolbar above. On iOS, select the Edit option from the menu that appears. You can now modify the sent message;
  • Tap the checkmark next to the text entry to confirm that you’ve edited the message.

Modified messages will be marked as “modified”, so that recipients know that the content has been modified. If you use WhatsApp for some private conversations, consider using Chat Lock in WhatsApp to add another layer of security to them.

The recipient of the message will therefore see that it has been modified, but will not be able to see the entire modification history. Changes made, as well as all private messages, media files and calls are protected by end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp would be lagging behind other apps

The new feature is similar to Apple’s update from last year that lets users edit and unsend messages between iPhones. Like Apple, edited messages in WhatsApp will be marked with a tag to help alert the recipient that the chat has been edited.

Telegram and Signal also already have this feature. Same with Twitter. Followers of Twitter Blue, the paid version, can also edit a tweet up to 30 minutes after sending it. While the time frame for editing a message isn’t as generous as Telegram’s 48-hour window, it’s still better than nothing.

“Tweeting will be more accessible and less stressful. You should be able to participate in the conversation in a way that makes sense to you and we will continue to work on ways that allow you to do so effortlessly,” said Twitter in a blog post at the time.

The WhatsApp blog notes that the feature has already started rolling out globally and will be available to all users “in the coming weeks.” The feature will be made available to WhatsApp’s 2 billion users in the coming weeks. It counts India as its biggest market, with 487 million users.

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