How to Reduce Sugar Consumption: Simple and Sustainable Actions

2023-06-12 06:51:01

The French eat too much sugar, according to the World Health Organization. A real public health issue, it is possible to reduce consumption with simple and sustainable actions.

37% of respondents believe they eat too much sugar, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Consumer Institute. The World Health Organization (WHO) specifies that the absorption of free sugars should not exceed 10% of total energy intake each day. And, going below 5% would even increase the health benefits.

Always according toOMSthe consumption of sugars can be limited by adopting two main strategies: snacking on fresh fruits and raw vegetables rather than sugary snacks and limiting the absorption of foods and drinks with a high sugar content (soda, juice, fruit…).

Here are 5 tips to apply these recommendations and thus eat less sugar:


The best way to know what to eat is to cook. The use and consumption of simple and fresh products is ideal, but it takes time. Some have found a solution: batch cooking. The method consists of defining the menus of the week in advance and preparing several meals at the same time, such as weekends.

Have a salty breakfast

Although it’s unusual, eating salty in the morning has many benefits. These breakfasts are usually more balanced with a better distribution of daily needs. Generally, they are also more satiating and made up of protein, which helps to stave off cravings. The most popular of these is the avovado toast.

look at the glycemic index

To make an avocado toast, you will need bread. The latter may have an impact. It is easy to reduce sugars, which are not only present in foods that taste of them, by choosing it well, no offense to lovers of the traditional baguette. To do this, simply buy breads with a low glycemic index (note: that is to say the ability of a food to more or less raise the level of sugar in the blood), like the rye bread, which keeps better, another interest. Cereal bread is also a good alternative, unlike sandwich bread (IG 85).

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The products sold in supermarkets are full of sugars, but also salt. Their consumption (sweets, tea and coffee ready to be consumed, biscuits or even flavored waters) must be occasional. Otherwise, you have to take the time to decipher the nutritional composition of the items offered for sale.

do not consume sweeteners

On May 15, the WHO published a recommendation on the use of sweeteners, such as aspartame or stevia, the use of which it advises against. They do not help control body mass or reduce the risk of weight-related diseases. In addition, there are several dangers: an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, premature death in adults and cardiovascular disease. A frightening finding. But then what to replace sugar and sweeteners? Honey, fruit compote and, more surprisingly, spices seem to be good options.

The French consume an average of 35 kilos of sugar per year. Some of them absorb up to twice as much as the daily recommendation.

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