How to Register for Practitioner Plus One: Step-by-Step Guide and Training Programs

2023-12-14 20:22:01

Registration in Practitioner Plus One is among the distinguished mechanisms provided by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, because it provides the opportunity to apply for a group of various certificates that can be obtained according to some conditions specified by the Commission for each specialty. Several questions have been raised about the program, so we present the steps in The following paragraphs.

Register in Mares Plus

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Maaris Plus is considered one of the most important programs provided to people interested in health specialties in Saudi Arabia, and it can be applied electronically smoothly by following the registration steps for Maaris Plus:

  • Choose the Create a new account icon.
  • Then fill in the login information (first name, last name, email, confirm email, password, and confirm password).
  • Select the Terms and Conditions tab.
  • Click the Create New Account button.
  • Go to the Profile tab from the home page.
  • Record personal data and all necessary information.
  • Choose the Save button.
  • Then upload the necessary attachments so that the account includes all information.
  • Click Save.

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Training programs certificates

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties platform is among the best digital platforms through which one can obtain various training programs and certificates in the health field, as the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties training programs include certificates:

    • Ultrasound imaging for women and childbirth.
    • Home care nursing.
    • Advanced imaging of cardiology.
    • Clinical pharmacy specialization in critical care treatments.
    • Regional anesthesia.
    • Ultrasound imaging.
    • Oncology nursing.
    • Oral health and advanced dental care.
    • Hearing and balance.
    • Neonatal intensive care nursing.
    • Clinical pharmacology in infectious disease treatments.
    • Intensive care nursing.
    • Dental implant fellowship.
    • Midwifery nursing.
    • Burn surgery.
    • Respiratory critical care.
    • Pediatric Surgery Fellowship.
    • Emergency Medicine.
    • Advanced Laparoscopic and Obesity Surgery Fellowship.
    • Clinical pharmacology in cardiology treatments.

Link to register for Mares Plus

There are a group of digital services that are made available on the website of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, through which one can register in several programs for practice certificates, such as the Practitioner Plus program, which can be easily obtained electronically by creating a new account, by logging in to Link to register for Mares Plus.

In conclusion, it is now possible to register smoothly and easily on the Mumaris Plus program electronically through simple steps that we have covered in the previous paragraphs, and we have shown the link to access the service directly, and the specializations in which one can register.

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