How to write on a PDF document?

Editing a PDF… Many solutions are available online or in the form of software but most often paid for and not always very manageable. Here we offer you a free and very effective solution.

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Given the popularity of Adobe’s PDF format, there are a plethora of services offering to edit a Portable Document Formator PDF, online or through specialized software such as paid versions of programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Nitro Reader.

There are several issues with online cons:

  • They are often uncomfortable with large PDF files, for example, those whose content spans one or several hundred pages. The slightest update can take a good minute, and therefore editing is tedious.
  • It is not uncommon that, after patiently making its changes in the pages, the service asks for a few euros to recover the final PDF document. In itself, this compensation is certainly justified but, insofar as it is requested “after the fact”, one can more or less appreciate not having been informed in advance of the rules of the game.
  • Some online editing tools do not offer an “Undo / Undo” option. And so, if you make a mistake, there is no going back.

After having tested many PDF editing tools for several years, whether online services or software, we have found the most flexible formula there is:

  1. convert PDF to Word;
  2. edit document from MicrosoftMicrosoft Word or other word processor accepting this format such as Open Office or Pages;
  3. convert the modified Word back to PDF.

This solution might seem inconvenient at first. However, it only has advantages. Indeed, whatever its size, the document can be modified on your PC or Mac while benefiting from the full power of your computercomputer — without having to depend on the possible slowness of an online service. And what’s more, this approach does not cost you a penny!

Let’s follow the procedure step by step on a specific example. Warning: it goes without saying that the PDF you want to edit must have been created initially from a text file. If it is an “image” PDF (the text displayed on the screen is the conversion into PDF of a Jpeg, Png or other file), it will not be possible to modify the “text” content. “, unless you go through a softwareOCROCR.

Convert PDF to Word format

There are many online services that offer to convert a PDF to Word, free of charge. In this example, we are using the IlovePDF service. The “PDF to Word” option is the 4e displayed on the home page of this site.

Click on “Select PDF file” and locate the document in question on the Hard diskHard disk from the computer. Then choose “Convert to Word”. The conversion is then started. Once this operation is completed, just click on “Download Word”.

Make changes in Word

View your PDF in Microsoft Word, Open Office, Pages or another word processor capable of processing Word format. It should be completely identical to the original PDF.

Now you have the various editing tools available in Word. You can edit the text as you see fit, which includes the ability to add or remove text. It is also possible to include images or shapes from the word processor.

Even if your document spans hundreds of pages, updating should be quick and easy.

Convert Word to PDF

Once the updates have been made from Word, all that remains is to do the reverse and therefore convert the Word to PDF. From the IlovePDF home page menu, locate the “Word to PDF” option. From there, the procedure is similar to the one we covered above.

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