Huachipato beat O’Higgins just enough and is the exclusive leader of the tournament

Huachipato surpassed O’Higgins just enough in Rancagua and becomes the first exclusive leader of the 2023 National Championship, played three dates

And there is the first exclusive leader in the National Championship. Huachipato alone reached the top of the tournament by defeating O’Higgins 1-0 at home this Monday, at a crossroads for the third date played at the El Teniente Stadium.

The steelworkers celebrated just enough in Rancagua. The only figure of the fight came after 18 minutes and was the work of Argentine striker Mateo Acosta.

The native of Caballito, who came this year to reinforce the cast of Talcahuano, broke the zero by defining at the mouth of the goal and after precise assistance from Javier Altamirano.

Note that at 90+2′ the visitor was left with 10 men on the field due to the expulsion of Claudio Torres, due to a double reprimand. The midfielder had entered at 73 minutes.

An entertaining game at El Teniente, with a constant back-and-forth and a significant number of deep chances. The clearest of the premises to equalize arrived at 72 ‘with a header from Diego González that hit the horizontal.

Meanwhile, the visit was able to settle after 87 minutes through Javier Altamirano, who did not know how to define in one-on-one due to the great drain on goalkeeper Ignacio González.

Note that in discounts, at 90 + 3 ‘, Arnaldo Castillo scored 1-1 for the home owner, so much so that it was finally annulled due to a forward position.

With this victory as an outsider, the team led by Gustavo Álvarez reached nine points and is the lone leader in the standings.

Those from the plant are three units ahead of their rival today, UC, Cobresal, Ñublense and Curicó Unido, although the chillanejos have one game less.

The rancagüinos, meanwhile, stayed in third place in the table with six positives.

For the fourth date, Huachipato will have to wait for the rescheduling of his duel with Colo Colo at CAP-Acero. The ANFP suspended the crossing scheduled for Sunday, February 11, due to the contingency of the forest fires that affect the center-south zone of the country.

Meanwhile, O’Higgins also saw his match against Ñublense suspended for date 4. Wait for the rescheduling.

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