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Huang Zijiao complained about the functionality of the delivery platform. (Photo / flipped from Huang Zijiao’s Facebook)

Artists Huang Zijiao and Meng Geng welcomed the birth of their daughter “Yellow Corn” this year, and they were upgraded to novice parents. However, he shouted to the delivery platform today (15th), hoping to add a function to get the meal smoothly. The post made many netizens feel emotional.

Huang Zijiao mentioned on Facebook that the couple rarely ate out in the past few months from confinement to the present, and it was most convenient to order delivery directly. Food was delivered to the home during confinement, and the child was delivered to the middle of the month after returning home. This happened at least twice, scaring people on both sides. Like last week, he counted the time statement before leaving get off work, and planned to eat it right after he went home and took a bath, but he didn’t know that the meal was delivered to the studio, so he had to spend more money to ask someone to help bring it back, and the food became cold, “I’m in a good mood. Yuzu is even more indescribable, isn’t the whole process a bit absurd.”

Huang Zijiao hopes that the delivery platform has one more function to reduce the occurrence of wrong addresses.  (Photo / flipped from Huang Zijiao's Facebook)
Huang Zijiao hopes that the delivery platform has one more function to reduce the occurrence of wrong addresses. (Photo / flipped from Huang Zijiao’s Facebook)

Unexpectedly, another tragedy happened today. Huang Zijiao watched the live broadcast, side-recorded and then edited and posted the text. After ordering, he left the house and prepared to eat in the studio. The result was delivered to the house, so he had to focus on it once, so he hoped that the delivery platform would go down. On the single checkout page, you can jump out of the “Confirm Address Dialog Box”, I hope the platform can improve this problem.

After the post was exposed, a large number of netizens felt the same way, “This trouble has happened to us before. My husband called for delivery, and it turned out to be an address in the middle of the month, but the delivery man was actually eager to deliver it directly to the house, and the distance was quite long, It takes 30 minutes to drive”, “It turns out that I didn’t have this kind of trouble. Every time I ordered, I was scared to go back to the page to confirm whether the location was set wrong”, “Agree! I really don’t notice the address every time, Automatic positioning is not 100% accurate every time.”

There are also many people’s suggestions: “Make it a habit to choose the meal first”, “I will choose the order address first and then start ordering… so that there will be no mistakes”, “You can set multiple sets of addresses, and you can only order after you have selected the starting address. Restaurants within the range, beyond the range can’t be seen.”

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