Huang Zongze and Wu Zhuoxi lead “Integrity Sniper” to set a blockbuster anti-corruption and black Hong Kong drama –

Source title: Huang Zongze and Wu Zhuoxi lead “Integrity Sniper” to set a blockbuster anti-corruption black Hong Kong drama

Co-produced by Youku and Shaw Brothers International Films, the anti-corruption TV series “Integrity Sniper” starring Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Wang Haoxin, Tan Junyan, Wu Dingxin, Cai Sibei, Huang Zhiwen, etc. is officially scheduled for December 10. As the blockbuster work of Youku Hong Kong Theater at the end of the year, the show gathers Hong Kong’s Mesozoic top-tier lineup and high-level production team to interpret the theme of anti-corruption and anti-crime crimes with pure Hong Kong flavor, and continues to raise audience expectations.

The full lineup of cast members join forces to fight against gangsters and fight corruption to break the puzzle

Set in Hong Kong, the play tells the story of three playmates who love each other as brothers, and their lives have changed dramatically due to accidents caused by corruption incidents. After twenty years of absence, Luo Zifeng, played by Huang Zongze, became the investigation director of the ICAC, committed to maintaining fairness and justice; Senior Inspector of Police. The three brothers regained their old friendship in repeated gatherings, intentionally or unintentionally, and discovered that the accident of the year was a huge lie woven by power and money. the truth and rebuild a bright future for ourselves and others.

In addition, the play also portrays a number of female characters with unique charm. The lame Filipino businessman Luo Zixin played by Wu Dingxin and the fat girl Fang Jiaqing played by Huang Zhiwen are also involved in a case together with the three brothers. Cases revolve around justice and evil, Multiple propositions such as belief and loyalty, family affection, friendship, love and conflict and opposition, etc., promote the story layer by layer by describing the changes in the relationship, status, and psychology of the five people. The forces of good and evil are intertwined and intertwined, and the case within the case is within the case. How the characters uphold their conscience and uphold justice has also become a major attraction of the play.

High-quality audio-visual gold medal production restores the original flavor of Hong Kong dramas

The show not only has a team of classic Hong Kong dramas, but also enhances the audio-visual enjoyment to a new level in production. The sound and picture design pursues the sense of reality, using local materials and scenes, and the streets full of Hong Kong taste to restore the original flavor of Hong Kong dramas, so that countless audiences who are keen on the theme of Hong Kong dramas can also personally substitute and share in the aftertaste. Joy and sorrow.

“Integrity Sniper” is positioned to detect corruption, justice and anti-black as the genre, supplemented by various dramatic methods and exciting action scenes, suspense and mystery in the investigation of the case, speeding car explosions, firearms refusing, buried martial arts, The hand-to-hand action with style and taste, etc., let the audience’s adrenaline rush, forming a great contrast in the emotional impact of the smart crime drama, fully giving the audience a brand-new sense of excitement, both civil and military, dynamic and static, creating a brand-new Crime drama series.

“Integrity Sniper” is scheduled to be officially launched on Youku Hong Kong Theater on December 10th, to eliminate corruption and promote integrity, fight for integrity, fight against gangsters and fight corruption, and start a war of heavy equipment, so stay tuned!

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