Huatai Pineapple Pyramid Announcement on Suspension of Subscription (Including Switch-In, Regular Fixed Investment) of Bond Securities Investment Funds to Stabilize Costs and Increase Profits_Past Performance_Funds_Regular Fixed Investments

Original title: Announcement on the suspension of subscription (including conversion and transfer-in, regular fixed investment) business of Huatai Pineapple Pyramid Bond Securities Investment Fund to Stabilize Costs and Increase Profits

1. Announcement of basic information

2. Other matters that need to be reminded

In order to protect the interests of fund unit holders, the Fund will suspend the application for subscription (including transfer-in and regular fixed investment) from March 21, 2022. During the period when the subscription of the Fund is suspended (including switch-in and regular fixed investment), the fund’s redemption, switch-out and other businesses will be handled normally.

The time for the Fund to resume normal subscription (the Fund’s Class A shares has not yet opened the conversion business) will be announced separately.

If investors want to know more details, they can log on to the company’s website ( or call the customer service number: 400-888-0001.

risk warning:

The fund manager promises to manage and use the fund assets in accordance with the principles of good faith, diligence and due diligence, but does not guarantee that the fund will be profitable, nor does it guarantee a minimum return. The past performance of the fund and its net worth are not indicative of its future performance.

Investors should carefully read the fund contract, prospectus and other legal documents before investing in the fund, understand the risk-return characteristics of the fund to be invested in, and judge whether the fund is related to the investor’s risk according to its own investment purpose, investment period, investment experience, asset status, etc. Affordability to match.

Huatai-Pineapple Fund Management Co., Ltd.

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