Hugo Girard asked for the hand of his girlfriend is it’s romantic to wish!

It’s during a show Michel Barrettein Terrebonne, thatHugo asked for the hand of Leeza.

«For more than 30 years, Michel has been a good friend. He was of course in collusion with me and I was able to propose on stage, at the start of the show!“, told Hugo my magazine The week.

«Discreetly, and with our accomplices, my spouse’s handbag had previously been stolen. So, Michel addressed the audience by announcing that the handbag he was holding had been found and invited its owner to come and collect it on stage. It was of course a pretext to get my friend up there. I quietly walked up behind her, and when she turned around, she saw me kneeling with a ring, and I proposed to her. She said yes, but she only really realized what had happened once she got back to her seat!»

No wedding date has yet been scheduled for the superb couple, who have shared their lives for almost two years.

«She and I complement each other very well. Then, she has a very good relationship with Tyler, my 17-year-old son, just as I have an equally pleasant relationship with his parents. With Leeza, it’s not hard, it’s soft, it flows well

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