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Original title: Chengdu local men’s group released the first single to meet and perform juvenile demeanor

Cover reporter Xu Yuyang

Color the youth and sing the new voice of the times. On the evening of July 8, “ASE Family”, a growing artist group created by Chengdu, officially released its first single “Together” and held a fan meeting. In May of this year, ASE officially debuted in Chengdu, attracting the attention of many fans.

At the meeting, the seven group members performed solo performances in turn. Yu Bingchen’s original song “Like a Song”, played and sung, showed the tenderness of a teenager; Xiao Kevin’s energetic and enthusiastic song “Change Yourself” is a promise to fans and an expectation for yourself; Lotus” is amazing, and Dapanyun’s “Confession Balloon” is romantic and sweet. There are also Wang Yanhong’s singing and dancing platform “Broken Wind” and the song “Anhe Bridge” brought by Jingwang.

Member SOLO stage

Finally, the 7 members brought together the finale performance “Together” of the whole conference and announced that it would be launched on major music platforms. The song stands from the perspective of a teenager and sings the beautiful times in the youthful years because of “together”.

Compared with the youthful stage in early May, after two months of hard training, the performances of the teenagers are more confident, and the audience can witness their continuous transformation. In an interview, they said that there is more room for improvement.

7 members performing live

Among the 7 members, some are artists with a little stage and acting experience, and some are newcomers. Although they have different experiences, they can feel their unique youthful atmosphere and enthusiasm for the stage from their performances. Several members who are still in college told reporters that they usually attend classes at school, but as long as they have spare time, they will work hard to practice dancing, musical instruments or singing and dancing.

In the face of future plans and plans, several members said: “We are more about the love for the industry itself. No matter what we do in the future, the stage experience and skills we are learning now will definitely be useful.”Return to Sohu, see more


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