Hui Chi-fung & Xu Zhifeng: High Court Bankruptcy Petition & National Security Division Investigation

2023-11-24 04:38:00

The Department of Justice filed a petition with the High Court for bankruptcy of former Legislative Council member Hui Chi-fung. According to the Judiciary’s website, the case will be heard in court on the afternoon of January 23 next year.

Xu Zhifeng is involved in multiple cases, including being suspected of obstructing justice during the Tuen Mun demonstration in 2019, and storming the rostrum of the Legislative Council to obstruct the House Committee meeting in May 2020. Xu Zhifeng left Hong Kong for a visit to Denmark in November 2020 During this period, he jumped bail and absconded. The Department of Justice later charged Xu Zhifeng with four counts of contempt of court, saying that he failed to appear in court in accordance with bail conditions. Last year, Xu Zhifeng was found guilty of four counts of contempt of court in his absence and was sentenced to three years and six months in prison and had to pay legal costs.

In 2020, Hui Chi-feng applied to the High Court, including requesting the court to order the police to disclose the chemical ingredients in tear gas canisters, and filing a private prosecution against the police officer who fired the gun in Sai Wan Ho. However, the Department of Justice intervened and withdrawn the prosecution, requesting that the Department of Justice’s decision be overturned, and ultimately lost the case. The other party’s legal costs must be paid separately.

Xu Zhifeng and seven other people are also wanted by the National Security Division of the police for inciting secession, inciting subversion of state power, and colluding with foreign countries or external forces to endanger national security.

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