Huida Huang Renxun: I wouldn’t have founded Huida when I was 30 years old, but at the critical moment, I will have all in key technologies

2023-10-22 01:33:02

The U.S. chip ban has escalated, and AI chip overlord Nvidia is once again at the forefront. Huida CEO Huang Renxun said in an exclusive interview with foreign media, “If I were 30 years old again, I would not choose to start Huida.” However, the superpower of entrepreneurs always feels that things are not that difficult, and key technologies must be all in at critical moments. , Huida has experienced multiple stock price drops of more than 80%, but he and the company’s employees still maintain optimism and perseverance, which is also the key to Huida’s ability to stand firmly in the AI ​​blue ocean.

In a recent public interview, Huang Renxun was asked, “If you go back to when you were 30 years old and walked into the restaurant where you decided to found Huida again, would you make the same choice?” Unexpectedly, Huang Renxun Say categorically “No, I won’t!”

Why there is “Jensen Huang who does not make chips”? Huang Renxun explained that if he had known at that time how difficult it would be to encounter after founding Huida, and he would have to endure so much torture and humiliation, it would be a million more difficult than he imagined at the time. Times, “I don’t think anyone in their right mind would decide to start this company.”

However, Huang Renxun said, perhaps the superpower of entrepreneurs is not to ask, not to be afraid of how difficult things are, and always to make themselves feel: things are not that difficult. You need to trick your brain. “

Huang Renxun pointed out that Huida is a platform company and has been committed to serving the developer community from the beginning. This is critical to the company’s long-term success. In his view, the size of companies in the technology industry should not be constrained by traditional concepts. The key lies in the size of the market opportunities they face.

The AI ​​market is huge, and Huida has the opportunity to grow into a new technology giant. Huang Renxun believes that new startups should choose a huge market opportunity that has not yet appeared, persist in promoting platform construction, and make decisive decisions to All In key areas at critical moments. For entrepreneurs, support from family, friends and investors is very important. Both Huida and himself have been able to persist until now with the support of such a complex “support system”.

Huang Renxun also explained that Huida has experienced multiple stock price drops of more than 80%, but he and most people in the company still remain optimistic and perseverant, which is the key to their ability to finally seize the blue ocean of AI. Facing the future, Huida will become a data center company. To this end, Huida will develop high-performance GPUs and establish new network connections for data flow.

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