Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan and Neighboring Countries: Latest Updates, Funding, and Assistance

2023-06-20 21:42:04

On Tuesday, the United States announced an additional $172 million in humanitarian assistance to Sudan and its neighbors facing the impact of the ongoing humanitarian crisis there.

“With this funding, the United States will have provided more than $550 million in humanitarian aid during the current fiscal year to Sudan and its neighboring countries, including Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, to deal with the needs of refugees and displaced persons,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a statement. internally and those affected by the conflict in the region.

On Monday, donors pledged nearly $1.5 billion to help ease the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and neighboring countries hosting refugees fleeing the fighting, the United Nations announced.

“Today, donors announced nearly $1.5 billion for the humanitarian response in Sudan and the region,” said UN Humanitarian Coordinator Martin Griffiths at the conclusion of an international conference in Geneva devoted to the Sudanese crisis.

The high-level donors’ conference for Sudan 2023 was held via videoconference, co-chaired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Qatar, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Nations Organization represented by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs “OCHA”, the European Union, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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