The Troubling Consequences of a Viral Video: The Impact on a Woman and Her Village

2023-06-20 22:12:00

Muhammad Salama, a neighbor of the lady in the blue dress, confirmed that the video, which spread of the woman dancing, caused many problems for her, her family, and the family in the village.

The neighbor of the lady in the blue dress added, during an intervention on the Hazrat Al-Citizen program, broadcast on Al-Hadath channel today, that the woman left the village completely, and her husband also left the village, and he divorced her.

He indicated that the person who filmed the girl dancing was found, and that the photographer was from the family, and that this video was the cause of the entire problem.

He pointed out that the girl left the village after the divorce, and after the scandal, and that the person who filmed the video was arrested on charges of violating privacy and sanctity.

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