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Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency on Saturday in as Tropical Storm Ian gains strength in the Caribbean and is expected to bring downpours and hurricane-speed winds to the peninsula next week.

DeSantis initially issued an order emergency for two dozen counties on Friday, but expanded it to the entire stateencouraging the population and local authorities to prepare for a storm that could hit large sections of Florida.

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“This storm has the potential to strengthen into a powerful hurricane. and we make a call to all the inhabitants of Florida to make preparations,” he said. DeSantis it’s a statement. “We are coordinating with all state and municipal government partners to track the potential impacts of this storm.”

The United States National Hurricane Center reported that it is forecast that Ian gain strength rapidly in the next few days before passing through western Cuba and hit Florida in the middle of next week as a hurricane.

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John Cangialosi, a hurricane specialist with the National Hurricane Center in Miamisaid it is currently unclear where Ian will flog Florida with more intensity and added that Residents should start preparing for the storm, including stocking up for potential power outages.

“It’s too early to tell if it’s going to be a problem in southeast California. Florida or a problem in central Florida or throughout the state,” he said. “So right now, the right message for those who live in Florida is that they have to keep an eye on the weather forecasts and prepare for the potential impact of this tropical system.”

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Governor’s Declaration Releases Emergency Funding and Activates Florida National Guard Members, according to your office. His order underscores that there is a risk of storm surge, flooding, dangerous winds and other conditions in different parts of the state.

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