“Hurricane” warns condo residents All the young female students were dragged and raped. but still have luck

young studentOpen your mind if it’s rightcondo technician thrust into the room of hoperape The incident occurred at 21.00 on August 30, 65 reporters traveled to a condo in Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province.Mr. Thitiwat or Fias Around 30-35 years old, trying to grab a young student who owns the room and tries to rape But luckily, a friend came to help in time. Therefore, no bad incidents occurred.

The incident occurred in the middle of the night of August 19 at around 21.00 in Building B, 8th floor, room number 207. Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Nonthaburi Province

Miss Ying reserves her surname, 18 years old, studying in Vocational Year 1, the victim said that on the day of the accident she went out to eat with friends. Came back to the condo around 20.00 that day.Forgot the key card in the room So the carpenter of Kondo, who was sitting below, opened the door for him. After that, he followed him into the elevator. The CCTV footage in the elevator recorded as he stood talking to him about going to work and general discussion.

I feelI don’t look good So I try to call my friends all the time. because he does not trust After hanging up the call from his friend, he followed him into the room and pushed himself into the room. Then he took off his clothes andtry to rape It takes about 5 minutes, which they try to resist all the time.

At the same time, his friend saw that he was silent, so he came up to look and save him in time. He and the mechanic had only known each other for a few days. admit to having talked and greeted each other because he was good-natured I didn’t think it was a person like this. Before the incident, he asked to come and discuss business in his room. which at that time his sister was with but in different rooms

“I think he wouldn’t dare do anything. As soon as he entered the room, he wrestled for about 5 minutes, until he had an orgasm once. I thought that we were talking, so I didn’t like anything. After that, his girlfriend came to see him. Knowing that he already has a girlfriend So he stopped bothering Until he came to do the interpretations and tried to rape again. therefore reported to the police to prosecute to the end I would like to say to the woman who lives alone in the room to find someone to be friends with, not to be alone.”

Mr. Moo reserves the name and surname. Age 30 years old. Juristic Person Manager said that this artist was a good-natured person. The villagers will know and love a lot. Personally, I often see him talking on the phone. But now I don’t know who to talk to. After legal matters, he quit his job and let the police prosecute the law. Now he cannot speak becauseBoth sides have not heard.

I want to be as neutral as possible.Because I’ve known the mechanic for about 1-2 years now, the forensic path.How is this fact check? then who is wrong And had he had anything else before? But he has no information because he has never interfered in personal matters and understands the safety of his children. Now, the residents must be the one who decides whether to keep the original set of law enforcement. or change a new set of laws”

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