Hussein Moghadam’s wife takes off her hijab…and this is her advice to veiled women

2023-11-15 16:33:40

A few months ago, actor Hussein Moghaddam announced his marriage to the young woman, Iman Nour El-Din, who was wearing a hijab on her head.

But Iman took off the hijab from her head, and in a video in which she appeared with the famous TikToker Ahmed Al-Abbasi, she talked about the matter.
Iman, in response to the fact that she owns a store that sells sportswear for veiled women even though she is not veiled, said: “I was veiled and I removed my head.”
Regarding her advice to veiled women, she said: “I advise any veiled girl to do as I did. If she does not seem to respect the hijab and respect wearing the hijab, then she will respect him as I did.”
In response to a question about whether her husband was the reason for her not appearing live on social media, even though she appears in many of the videos that she posts, she said: “No, of course, I have been on social media before I got married, and if I wanted to go live, I would have gone, but for the money I have to pay.” It comes easy and it goes easy. I like to work and work hard until I get everything I want and have halal money.”

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