Hande Erçel’s latest appearance causes widespread controversy…her thinness is satisfactory!

2023-12-13 07:07:52 Turkish actress Handa Erçel sparkled and caught the attention, as she appeared wearing a long, tight leopard-print dress with long sleeves, and she adopted a distinctive hairstyle in which she tied her hair back in the form of a bun, and applied soft makeup that suits her facial features. However, what caught the … Read more

Halima Boland creates controversy with what she did inside a private plane – video

2023-12-11 11:13:21 Kuwaiti media personality Halima Boland caused great controversy among the public, after she published a video clip of herself, in which she appeared celebrating her birthday inside a private plane. Halima Boland appeared singing, and commented on the video by saying: “It is my second birthday because there is no candle to blow … Read more

Fantastic videos and photos from the wedding of the century.. It cost the newlyweds about 50 million dollars

2023-11-27 06:25:14 The wedding of Americans Madeleine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone topped the trend because they organized their wedding in a royal style, which made social media users call it “the wedding of the century.” The legendary wedding, which received the lion’s share of media coverage, took place in the French capital, Paris. It cost … Read more

Tragic Case of Psychogenic Polydipsia in 2021: The Story of Michelle Whitehead’s Untimely Death from Drinking Too Much Water

2023-11-25 04:20:00 In an unfortunate incident that occurred in 2021, a “wonderful mother” died from a brain injury after drinking too much water. In detail, in 2021, Michelle Whitehead was admitted to a hospital in England.According to the investigation, on the afternoon of May 5, two days after her admission to the hospital, Michelle was … Read more

Bassem Youssef is collaborating with a woman famous for her buttocks…and he describes her as the pride of the Arabs

2023-11-23 11:05:43 In an unexpected surprise, a famous woman on social media named Sarah, whose page name is “Princess of Babylon,” revealed a collaboration between her and the famous Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef. Sarah posted a video on her page showing her with Bassem Youssef, and told her followers: “I have a surprise for you.”In … Read more

Hussein Moghadam’s wife takes off her hijab…and this is her advice to veiled women

2023-11-15 16:33:40 A few months ago, actor Hussein Moghaddam announced his marriage to the young woman, Iman Nour El-Din, who was wearing a hijab on her head. But Iman took off the hijab from her head, and in a video in which she appeared with the famous TikToker Ahmed Al-Abbasi, she talked about the matter.Iman, … Read more

The son of the late Mahmoud Al-Qalawi: He was a good personality and a “homebody” and a joker, and how happy it is for him

2023-11-12 16:01:00 Ahmed Abdel Rahman wrote Sunday, November 12, 2023 06:01 PM Amr Al-Qalawi, son of the late artist Mahmoud Al-Qalawi, revealed secrets and stories about his father on his birthday, explaining that his father was a good, familial, and very “homely” person, as he was primarily a family member. He added during a phone … Read more