Bassem Youssef is collaborating with a woman famous for her buttocks…and he describes her as the pride of the Arabs

2023-11-23 11:05:43

In an unexpected surprise, a famous woman on social media named Sarah, whose page name is “Princess of Babylon,” revealed a collaboration between her and the famous Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef.

Sarah posted a video on her page showing her with Bassem Youssef, and told her followers: “I have a surprise for you.”
In turn, Bassem Youssef described her as: “The pride of the Arabs, the pride of all of us, not Mohamed Salah, Sarah.”
Surprising comments about this cooperation poured in, asking about its details, as Sarah is famous on social media for her buttocks, and it is the basis on which all the videos she publishes.
Bassem Youssef recently achieved a very high viewership rate, with his two episodes with British journalist Percy Morgan.

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