Tragic Case of Psychogenic Polydipsia in 2021: The Story of Michelle Whitehead’s Untimely Death from Drinking Too Much Water

2023-11-25 04:20:00

In an unfortunate incident that occurred in 2021, a “wonderful mother” died from a brain injury after drinking too much water.

In detail, in 2021, Michelle Whitehead was admitted to a hospital in England.
According to the investigation, on the afternoon of May 5, two days after her admission to the hospital, Michelle was drinking excessive water.
This condition is known as psychogenic polydipsia, and is common in patients suffering from psychological disorders.
NHS staff at the unit failed to diagnose the 45-year-old woman with this disorder at the time.
They continued to allow her to have water in her room without supervision, and according to the investigation, the employees gave her sedatives to calm her down and she fell asleep, but in reality, she lost consciousness and entered a coma.
It took staff four hours to notice the change in her, and an additional 15 minutes to put her into recovery mode.
Michael, Michelle’s husband of 22 years, said healthcare staff should have realized “something was very wrong”.
He added to the BBC: “If they had acted early, Michelle would have been transferred to the intensive care unit and placed on a drip… They could have saved her life.”

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